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Panoramic Apartments for Sale and Lease in Dubai Marina

This premier location enabled you to enjoy waterfront views alongside all the conveniences of living in the inner city. The apartments themselves are new and state of the art; there are a number of options to choose from so regardless of your lifestyle requirements, there is a residence in this area to suit your needs. The team at Coldwell Banker UAE are dedicated to helping you find the right real estate opportunity and will work closely with you to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of what you need. Whether you want to find an apartment for sale to settle your family in or are looking to rent in the inner city whilst you consider your options, we are more than capable of helping you find a residence that suits your needs.

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Inner city living has never been so elegant as it is on the Dubai Marina. Those who choose to live in this area get to enjoy sweeping views of this beautiful canal with boats sailing serenely up by day and the waters lit fantastically by the surrounding skyscrapers at night. Choosing to rent or buy in this area also affords you easy access to all the necessities like gyms, grocery stores, public transport, supermarkets as well as quality dining, cultural attractions and the beach.

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If you are interested in the range of apartments available to rent and for sale in the Dubai Marina, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling +971 4 439 1200 or using the online enquiry form to make an appointment at our offices. The industry professionals at Coldwell Banker are wholly dedicated to helping you find the perfect property to suit your investment needs and lifestyle.