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San Domenico Palace Hotel, Taormina

  • Area Overview

    The San Domenico Palace Hotel has been transformed into one of

    the most luxurious and renowned hotels in the world in 1896.

    Originally it was a ‘400 convent, and today it still retains the

    original structures; the property is composed by a series of

    buildings with various functions, organized around two cloisters of

    different ages and sizes.

    Renovated in 2000, it is located in the historical centre of

    Taormina, in Piazza San Domenico nr. 5, near the “Teatro Antico”,

    and is surrounded by a park with a view over the top of Mount Etna

    and the bay. The property is located about 4 km from the highway

    A18 Messina/Catania, 3 km from the railway station Taormina /

    Giardini, about 45 km from Fontanarossa International Airport of

    Catania. The harbour of Catania is located about 55 km away.

    One of the most remarkable features is the current entrance gate

    from Piazza San Domenico, consisting of a large seventeenthcentury

    round portal embossed with the emblem of the Dominicans.

    As a witness of the ancient splendour of the church, we can still

    admire the seventeenth-century altarpiece that decorates the wall.

    The Hotel is provided with a private garden, which contains a

    swimming pool, a bar and a restaurant; it has 108 rooms (standard,

    deluxe and suites), and develops over 16.248 sqm total gross area.

    The Restaurants:

    •The winter restaurant "Antico Refettorio", with large windows facing

    over the Teatro Antico;

    •The summer restaurant "Les Bougainvillées" , placed outdoors on a

    large terrace overlooking the sea:

    •The summer restaurant "Principe di Cerami“ (two Michelin stars)

    placed outdoors, dedicated to the founder of S. Domenico.

    HOTEL RATING: 5 Star Luxury

    GROSS SQM: 16248

    # ROOMS: 108

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