Find a Home

Buying Process

Step 1:
Identify the purpose of purchase

Step 2:
Estimate your budget. Finance buyers get pre-approved by your bank.

Step 3:
Research the market and identify your preferred locations

Step 4:
Select your agent and sign Form B.

Step 5:
View shortlisted properties

Step 6:
Understand the cost of ownership and expected yield

Step 7:
Make an offer to purchase

Step 8:
On offer acceptance, agent prepares SPA (MOU) and other necessary documents

Step 9:
Issue a 10% deposit under the seller’s name to be held by the buyer agent until the transfer of the title

Step 10:
Obtain NOCs from the developer after seller clears off outstanding payments and service charges

Step 11:
Finance buyers to complete mortgage process at the bank

Step 12:
Title deed transfer at the land department

Step 13:
Celebrate your new ownership!