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Founded in 1906 on a commitment to professionalism and customer service that remains the core of our business philosophy today, Coldwell Banker today has over 3800 offices and 126,000 Sales Associates securing its title as being one of the largest global real estate organizations and which now also services in the Dubai property market.

The foundation marked the beginning of a successful journey for a revolutionary brand, quickly securing a strong foothold in the American real estate market and eventually branching out globally taking advantage of booming economies such as that witnessed in the Dubai real estate market.

Penetrating both developed and developing markets globally, each having its set of challenges to overcome, gained strong support from our backbone in professional realty practices, excellent quality of service and our Sales Associates’ excellent knowledge and experience.

Coldwell Banker entered the young yet aggressive and flourishing Dubai realty market injecting its expertise into this real estate industry, while at the same time becoming a part of one of the most talked about cities of the 21st century.