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Coldwell Banker UAE

Dubai, better known as pearl of the Gulf, is a thriving one of a kind city. With a highly active and booming real estate market, property trade is becoming a key focus. Coldwell Banker has strategically entered the Dubai property market to reap its benefits and strengthen it as a truly global brand.

Coldwell Banker UAE stems from a global real estate brand and is known for its professionalism and knowledge of the markets they reside in. Having been founded in 1906, their expertise in the real estate industry has been gathered over 100 years and among various markets worldwide. With over 3600 offices and 106,000 sales associates, Coldwell Banker secures its title of being one of the largest global real estate franchises. Among several commercial and residential property listings in prime locations in Dubai, they exclusively sell and market project for developers such as Ishraqah for Development whose project portfolio is constantly growing. This draws much attention to investors and potential owners alike. With a dedicated sales team who work towards meeting our clients’ needs, Coldwell Banker strives to ensure customer satisfaction. After all a property investment or home mortgage decision should only be made with complete awareness of the drawbacks and advantages of the considered project. Here at Coldwell Banker we help educate our clients of this and match their needs with a suitable proposal.

The Dubai market is a promising one, a magnet for investors who want to expand their portfolios and for people who yearn to relocate to a multicultural and vibrant city. It is hard to comprehend that this city only 25 years back was a barren dessert with an economic status so insignificant that it was unknown to the rest of the world. A jaw-dropping $80 billion will be spent within the next 3 years towards the construction boom which include 50 new 5-star hotels. Within a span of just 2 decades, Dubai has invested capital in developing its infrastructure from road planning to tourism to entertainment, attracting a wide range of nationalities to become a part of this futuristic community. As stated by Donald Trump, the American billionaire property developer, “Dubai has proven to be an economic anchor, an engine for growth and tourism in the Middle East.” The Trump Organizations’ first endeavor will be a luxurious hotel & resort on Nakheel’s world famous development, The Palm, Jumeirah. Besides the property tycoon, Mr. Trump, Dubai has attracted several celebrities such as superstar footballer David Beckham and wife, Victoria Beckham to purchase holiday homes on the Plam Islands here in Dubai. With such attractive prospects the people worldwide cannot help but be tempted to becoming a part of this city. Property World has estimated that by 2010 Dubai will have approximately 2.2 million residents; a majority of 1.6 million will be expatriates. By 2010, 150,000 new housing units are expected to be completed. Coldwell Banker M.E. decided to expand its operations and become a player in this prosperous and aggressive real estate market. With 100 years of experience in international real estate Coldwell Banker ME has entered the flourishing Dubai market; injecting its expertise into the real estate industry and at the same time has become a part of one of the most talked about cities of the 21st century. As stated by Coldwell Banker’s commercial sales manager, “annual ROI ranges between 9 and 10 percent in residential units and up to15 percent in commercial units,” which proves to be a highly profitable in comparison to bank bonds that gives a return of 5 to 6 percent.

To ensure maximizing ROI, Coldwell Banker in Dubai offers a variety of services which range from seller/owner services, property management services to concierge services, as well as providing sales and marketing solutions to developers who wish to sell through its organization. As stated by the Mr. Hesham El Far, CEO, “Going far beyond the call of Duty- Doing more than others expect is what we are all about. And it comes from striving, maintaining the highest standards, looking after the smallest details and going that extra mile. We promise doing our very best in everything, in every way!”
Coldwell Banker does not just sell you real estate; they are consultants that provide expert advice on managing investment portfolios, real estate funds, conducting comprehensive research studies if knowledge gaps occur and finally take their clients through to execution of plans and post execution analysis customized for the Dubai property market.