Coldwell Banker in the UAE

Operating under the trade name – Mega Homes Real Estate Brokers LLC, Coldwell Banker established its operations in UAE in 2005 and has been one of the leading real estate organizations since. Our seasoned sales associates and their commitment have helped millions of families turn their dream of homeownership into a reality.

We take pride in being one of the most innovative real estate brand with an unmatched international presence of over 3000 offices worldwide. We offer a diverse selection of commercial and residential properties in Dubai. Coldwell Banker UAE is a one stop shop for all real estate requirements from Sales & Leasing to Property Management to Short Term Rentals.

Coldwell Banker UAE has a strong presence in the market through its strategically located 4 branches, 2 franchises and a team of over 100 sales consultants. Our legacy of unbounded professionalism and flawless customer services has made us one of the most recognized and respected real estate marketing firms of Dubai, UAE. Coldwell Banker UAE has been recognized as a Gold Tier Brokerage by the Dubai Land Department, which is an extraordinary achievement for any agency in Dubai.

Fulfilling the Dream of Home Since 1906

For over a century, home has been our purpose. It defines us and everyone in our network. Our mission will never waver — to deliver the treasure of home ethically and honestly.

The History of Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker® was founded in 1906 when Colbert Coldwell, a young real estate sales associate, observed families trying to piece their lives together following the disastrous San Francisco earthquake.

Disapproving of sales associates who acquired property from vulnerable sellers and then resold it at huge profits, and seeing a need for honest, knowledgeable real estate professionals, he formed his own company.

Then in 1913 Colbert Coldwell invites salesman Benjamin Arthur Banker to join his firm. Within a year the exceptionally industrious Banker is invited to become Coldwell’s partner.

The foundation marked the beginning of a successful journey for a revolutionary brand, quickly securing a strong foothold in the American real estate market and eventually branching out globally taking advantage of booming economies. Penetrating both developed and developing markets globally, each having its set of challenges to overcome, gained strong support from our backbone in professional realty practices, excellent quality of service and our Sales Associates’ excellent knowledge and experience.

Coldwell Banker entered the young yet aggressive and flourishing Dubai realty market in the year 2005 injecting its expertise into the industry and continues to offer clients a level of service and resources of which Colbert Coldwell and his partner Benjamin Banker would be proud of.

Our Core Values

The brand embraces four core values: home, awesomeness, ingenuity and excellence that define who we are and inspire everything we do.

Founded in 1906 on a commitment to professionalism and customer service, our expertise within the realty industry has only strengthened and we stay focused by reflecting this professionalism through our value for knowledge, ethical practice and confidence in what we do which still remains the core of our business philosophy today.

Over the years, our team has worked tirelessly to help give our affiliated agents an advantage with the industry’s top technology and unmatched learning events like the Generation Blue Experience. We’ve crafted and shaped what our brand stands for by consistently creating the most effective advertising and marketing in the real estate industry. This isn’t just puffery. It’s real and indisputable. Real innovation, programs, leadership, expansion, community causes—and very real success.

Why Coldwell Banker

When choosing a real estate company, size definitely matters. The Coldwell Banker Brand® has a global reach with offices in 49 countries with approximately 3,000 offices worldwide. With more than 15 years of presence in Dubai, you’ll find us just around the corner with 4 branches in Business Bay, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Village Circle( JVC ) and a headquarter in The Greens.

The Dubai Land Department( DLD ) has recognized us as of one of the few GOLD TIER brokerages in the country from among over 2,200 registered brokerage offices based on the merits of compliance, experience, performance, quality standards & customer service with the pedigree that can be traced back to our parent company, Realogy who was awarded as the world’s most ethical company.

Coldwell Banker in Dubai offers a variety of services which range from seller/owner services, property management services to concierge services, as well as providing sales and marketing solutions to developers. We also centre our efforts on providing accurate and tailor-made proposals for each of our clients to ensure that all doubts are addressed before closing. After all, property investment or home mortgage decision should only be made with complete awareness of the drawbacks and advantages of the considered project. Here at Coldwell Banker UAE, we help educate our clients of this and match their needs with a suitable proposal.

Our Achievements

After an extensive testing and discovery phase, the brand has finalized the new logo and corresponding identity standards, yard signs, marketing materials, office concepts and a full suite of branded apparel which symbolized our position as a guide for clients and a leader in the real estate industry.

Rebrands are especially difficult endeavours for franchise organizations and as such the Coldwell Banker® brand chose a novel approach to the process. Calling upon the ingenuity that has driven us for the past 113 years, Coldwell Banker Real Estate devised the concept of a “transparent rebrand”.

The star symbolizes two things for us; for literally thousands of years, it symbolized “Excellence” which is one of our core values in the standard that we hold to and our own agents to and what we expect from how you interact with our brand. But this isn’t just any star since it’s also symbolic of the north star which also for thousands of years has been used to guide people home and guiding people home is at the core of what Coldwell Banker does every single day.

Meet Our Management Team

Hesham Elfar