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History & Heritage

Dubai was originally a small fishing town, and became prosperous through an economy based on pearls and international sea trade. By the beginning of the 20th century the city was famous for having one of the largest souks (markets) in Arabia. In 1966 the discovery of oil in the region brought a new era of prosperity to Dubai. Today its economy is diversified, with oil taking a back seat to trade and manufacturing. Its free trade policies distinguish it from the other emirates within the nation, making it a special economic zone similar to that of Hong Kong.

Today the city of Dubai is one of the most talked about cities of the 21st century boasting the world’s biggest theme park, one & only 7 star hotel on the globe, the Burj Al Arab and world’s biggest mall, Dubai mall. It is undoubtedly an attractive tourist destination as it hosts major sporting events including horse races, boat races, tennis matches, and air shows. As well as this it is known serves as an ideal shopping destination and cosmopolitan city home to 180 different nationalities, where less than one quarter of the population consists of native Emirates.